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Bear Lake Glamping Resort - Blue Ridge, GA 

The North Georgia Mountain area (90 miles north of Atlanta) does not currently have large-scale “Glamping” options.


Glamping (glamorous camping) is the hottest trend in hospitality; combines the best experiences of both worlds: The comfort and luxury of a glamorous boutique hotel, and the unrivaled access to nature, which traditionally only camping could offer.


Glamping is appealing to all generations. Baby boomers enjoy the accessibility to nature without the effort

of setting up and breaking down camp. Millennials enjoy the plush amenities without sacrificing affordability.

Glamping is the opposite of cookie-cutter franchise hotels or rows of bland cabins. These unique accommodations

appeal to families and even professionals who are seeking genuine experiences and destination travel.


The Bear Lake Glamping Resort will feel like an intimate neighborhood of natural structures that blend with the flora and fauna. The sleeping units will have minimal electrical wiring to reduce EMF pollution and material use while supporting the concept being close to nature. A central clubhouse will host all the amenities and services of modern living like wi-fi, laundry, and full kitchen.


The market is there – the Fannin County Chamber of Commerce estimates that 199,120 overnight visitors spent over $26 Million on Lodging in 2014 in the Blue Ridge area. There are only 214 hotel/motel rooms in the area (not luxurious).


We will be a step above the hotel/motel options and then less expensive than the booming cabin rental market that is established. The nearest “Glamping” site only has 4 run-down tent rentals to choose from. Our project will have many amenities, also, that will keep customers returning trip after trip, whether a couples’ weekend away from the big city, a family reunion, or a quiet getaway.


CMS Venture Partners has already improved the project site over the last several years (28 acres with buildable lots, roads and utilities cut in, and amenity trails in place). 



The Bear Lake Glamping Resort will have a light footprint on the Earth. As much as possible, construction will be

prefabricated offsite. The decentralized sleeping units do not require heavy machinery, and thus there will be minimal site

disturbance during construction. The majority of trees can be saved to provide privacy and conserve the natural condition of the property.


Each sleeping unit will have its own solar hot water heater to passively generate hot water and reduce energy consumption.

Ceiling fans and cross ventilation help minimize the mechanical cooling needed in summer months. Enhanced

insulation will optimize the heating demand in winter months.


Visitors will have the opportunity to learn by experiencing a world class green living environment. The clubhouse will

be served by an on-site solar farm to demonstrate a visible commitment to sustainability as well as reduce the dependence

on unpredictable grid utilities. Recycling and composting bins will be placed strategically though out the property. Centralized parking areas will reduce the noise of constant in and out traffic, and offer visitors the opportunity to unplug from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.



Glamping is an opportunity to connect with nature without leaving the comforts of modern living. Every detail at

Bear Lake Resort will promote holistic wellness in subtle and unobtrusive ways. All construction will follow the best practices

of LEED green building design, construction, and operations. For example, paints and sealants shall be specified to only

allow low-emitting products. Cleaning and pest control products will meet the highest standards for eliminating toxic chemicals.


Fiber and textiles selections will be sourced from organic or recycled raw materials.


Each sleeping unit has a private deck with chairs and hammocks to relax and unwind. A walking trail encircles the entire

property and entices visitors to seek out hidden waterfalls and wildflowers. Inside and out, Bear Lake Glamping Resort

will leave visitors with an unforgettable experience and true immersion into nature and wellbeing.

About the Area: Blue Ridge, GA 

Blue Ridge, Ga. is located on the North Carolina – Tennessee line, only 90 miles north of Atlanta via I-575- GA Hwy 515,

within easy reach of the best attractions the Georgia mountains, western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee foothills have to offer.


Blue Ridge is home to beautiful lakes and spectacular mountains. Part of the Appalachians, the Blue Ridge range was aptly named for the bluish color that is most obvious when viewed from a distance. Great for hiking, relaxing or just enjoying the serenity, the mountains are a treat for anyone interested in a peaceful getaway.

Aerial of Property with Project Layout
Cabin Renderings
Club House
Floor Plans
Pre- Fab Construction Options

1 Bedroom/Studio

1 Bathroom

320 sq/ft



Example Materials



Pre- Fab Construction Options

2 Bedrooms 

2 Bathrooms

960 sq/ft



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