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Bowdoin - Beacon Hill. Boston, MA 

Beacon Hill is a 19th-century downtown Boston residential neighborhood situated directly north of the Boston Common Park and the Boston Public Garden. This cozy enclaved neighborhood is filled with nearly 10,000 people and is more like a village than an anonymous city. It has a rich community life, with neighbors knowing neighbors and everyone meeting on the Hill's commercial streets and at its myriad activities.  

Approximately one-half mile square, Beacon Hill is bounded by Beacon Street, Bowdoin Street, Cambridge Street and Storrow Drive. It is known for its beautiful doors and door surrounds, brass door knockers, decorative iron work, brick sidewalks, perpetually-burning gas lights, flowering pear trees, window boxes, and hidden gardens.


Its architecture, mostly brick row houses, includes the Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian periods, as well as early 20th-century colonial revival homes and tenements. The architecture is protected by restrictive regulations that allow no changes to any visible part of a structure without the approval of an architectural commission. 


Today, Beacon Hill is regarded as one of the most desirable and expensive neighborhoods in Boston.


It is our belief that in a market so refined as Beacon Hill, quality, finishes and spacious floor plans are what will get us

our premium sales per square foot.

The Project


The lot allows for 5,086 buildable SF. Based on the current trend of the real estate market, we propose to build

2 luxury, contemporary designed residential units. There is a shortage of larger units of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in the area.

A sale a premium can be achieved in this segment of the market.

Also, outdoor space is limited in this dense residential area and can command a premium in price. Outdoor

space will be designed to maximize sellability of the units.

Current Building

Current Building

Proposed Interior Design

Proposed Interior Design

Proposed Interior Design

Proposed Interior Design

Current Building

Property Details

Block / Lot                          2337/ 15

Zoning / FAR                      R6-B / 2.0

Lot Size                              25' X 100' (approx.) 

Lot Area:                            2,500 sq ft (approx.)

Building                             4-Story Residential

Buildable SF                      6,450 sq. ft. (approx.)





Subway | Ferry | Bike

Average Transportation Times:


Union Square via L Train:                   6 Minutes

Financial District via Ferry:                 15 Minutes

Midtown via M Train:                          19 Minutes

Soho via Bridge on Bike:                    15 Minutes



Comparable Properties

2 Bedroom for Sale



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