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Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 

One stop away from the island of Manhattan sits the coveted neighborhood of Williamsburg.


A hub of art, dining and shopping, this area has seen a huge transformation in recent years in both residential and

commercial development.


With a commanding view of the Manhattan skyline, Williamsburg has become the place to live in Brooklyn. Surrounded by

5 subway lines, the East River Ferry, and numerous bike rental stations, Williamsburg is easily

connected with both the city and surrounding area.

Williamsburg has seen a huge increase in residential building in the last decade, and with that, an influx of young and affluent people looking to relocate into the neighborhood known worldwide for its thriving art and fashion scene. This younger generation has realized that to start a family, they must set roots outside the Real Estate Kingpin of Manhattan. A hop across the river allows the opportunity for more space, more affordable surroundings, and a tighter community than that of its Island neighbor.


Traditionally, developers lean toward building smaller apartments that give them a greater return on their investment. Recently however, certain neighborhoods are breaking that mold and a need for larger, more family friendly housing is becoming the norm. Williamsburg is now in a transition as the need for these larger apartments is not being met by the existing supply - a new demand has emerged, and with it, a new opportunity.

The Project


This property in Williamsburg is currently a 25’ wide lot ideally zoned for multifamily residential condos.


The area is a long-established residential neighborhood with convenient access to the New York City Subway system and,

consequently, the city itself.


As more and more residents venture outside of Manhattan, a growing need for 3 bedroom housing has emerged. With this,

there is also a desire for a more “home” like feel and a sense of privacy in ones living space.


The intent with this property is to create this sense of intimacy by building 3 duplex style condo’s across 4 floors, each of which will have their own private outdoor space. Each unit will have a taste of the suburbs, with the convenience of the city.

The lot will allow for a building of over 5,000 SQFT over 4 stories. The building will be designed with eco-friendly strategies to reduce its impact on the environment and maximize utility usage, resulting in significantly lower utility costs for its residents.


The design will be respectful of the existing neighborhood, referencing ratios and proportions of neighboring buildings.

Despite this, it will be clear as a product of its own time in architecture.


Outdoor space will be maximized to improve the sell ability of each apartment.



Bathroom Model

Bathroom Model

Living & Kitchen Model

Living & Kitchen Model

Floor Plans

Property Details

Block / Lot                          2337/ 15

Zoning / FAR                      R6-B / 2.0

Lot Size                              25' X 100' (approx.) 

Lot Area:                            2,500 sq ft (approx.)

Building                             4-Story Residential

Buildable SF                      6,450 sq. ft. (approx.)





Subway | Ferry | Bike

Average Transportation Times:


Union Square via L Train:                   6 Minutes

Financial District via Ferry:                 15 Minutes

Midtown via M Train:                          19 Minutes

Soho via Bridge on Bike:                    15 Minutes



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